Awaken to your widest leadership potential

Today’s most successful leaders are demonstrating unprecedented flexibility and resilience to steer themselves and their teams through an ever-changing, high paced world. Wide Awake leadership development brings out these capabilities in you.
We work with the neuroscience behind your brains’ unique subconscious ‘leadership map’.  Your map has built over your lifetime of experience. It is your hidden Leadership Auto-Pilot! 
Becoming a Wide Awake Leader will build awareness of your and others Auto-Pilots and use this awareness to purposefully flex your leadership for sustainable success.
How do I start my Wide Awake Practice? Read about our programmes below:

Introduction to Wide Awake Leadership

Leadership coaching and training
The start to your Wide Awake path

Wide Awake Leadership Coaching 

Aspiring leaders coaching and training
Concentrated 1 to 1 support

Wide Awake Leadership Programmes

Team coaching
Modular workshops providing inspiring input and stimulating experimentation with other leaders 

Wide Awake Teams, Organisations and Systems

Team coaching
Modular workshops, team and systems coaching to create high performing collaborations


Wide awake leadership training
Groups of WA leaders meeting to experiment further in Wide Awake Leadership practice and a series of ‘Wider Awake’ modules to deepen your know how