Wide Awake Coaching
Working with a Wide Awake coach will give you the opportunity to explore your leadership map in a private space which is focused solely on your leadership practice development needs.
We know how to create a coaching space that allows your brain to relax and open to learning. We navigate our coaching to your outcomes, individual and organisational.
Our 1:1 coaching uses the frame of the Wide Awake philosophy to guide you through building awareness of your leadership Auto-Pilot, the potential impact of your Auto-Pilot on others and how to make Wide Awake leadership choices to make you even more effective. 

Some typical reasons for seeking 1:1 coaching are:
  • Taking on a new leadership role and wanting to fully 'step into' the role
  • Taking on a new/more senior leadership role where different skills are required to their last role e.g. becoming an Executive where collaboration and wider organisational view are needed
  • Aspiring leaders - who want to establish a generative leadership map from the beginning of their leadership path
  • Dealing with, initiating and leading change for yourself, your team and organisation
  • Stressed leaders - needing to understand their stress and refresh themselves and their thinking 

See here the kinds of results our 1:1 coaching has in creating Wide Awake Leaders
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