Why Wide Awake?

About Wide Awake Leadership
"I started this course with a view that it was just some same old leadership development training. It turned out to be so different from that! The course has changed the way I see my work and my life and has had more effect on my personal resilience than I could ever have imagined. I live my life differently now and that impacts so positively on my work."
Why Wide Awake? Because we aren’t the ‘same old’ leadership training or coaching provider!
"I feel uplifted! I have renewed self-esteem and confidence in my own abilities and I am focused in my new role and delivering on KPIs. Overall I have gained a perspective, through expert facilitation and have achieved the maximum possible outcomes from your coaching interventions."
Because we don’t deal in teaching theory, we deal in creating uplifting practice
"We are really starting to benefit from thinking about how we think. This is becoming a coping mechanism for us; as we see problems arising we are starting to deal with them differently."
Because we understand and put into practice the application of the neuroscience of learning so that our approach works with the way your brain works best
"The team has not always been easy to work with and it can be hard work to enable team change in the environment we’re in and you have gone way beyond a commercial relationship with us in working with that. You are committed to helping each individual get to a stage where we are confident and empowered to deal with the situation at hand without consulting you. It feels as though you are looking for ways to help us to be exceptional!"
Because we recognise the patterns that individuals, teams, organisations and systems create and run as their map of ‘how we do things around here’! This map can be leveraged to work at its best for you or flexed to work even better.
"Overall I have gained a perspective, through expert facilitation and have achieved the maximum possible outcomes from your interventions."
Because we use the interventions that work for you and your outcomes
"Your authenticity is fabulous – you say how it is for you and reflect back to us the challenge that the team gives you. You walk your talk, clearly using the same techniques you teach us to aide your own thinking.  And I can see you learning as you work with us."
Because we practice Wide Awake Leadership with you – modelling how to become and stay awake for continuous learning
"You challenge us to think for ourselves and not giving us ‘stock’ answers that may not work for us"
Because we work alongside our clients as facilitators of the change they wish to make rather than as experts who ‘know best’
Wide Awake recognises the essential ingredients in changing our patterns of leadership are to:
  • Provide a space for learning, 1:1 or in a group, that allows the brain to relax (or soften as it’s called in neuroscience) to learning
  • Do your own thinking – we’re not providing solutions. We are providing the means by which to come to your own solutions – so much more powerful that these come from the brain that then needs to go and enact them
  • Experiment with new ways of thinking and acting whilst with us in the coaching or training room
  • Seek feedback from yourself, us and others about the impact of our old and new patterns 
  • Encourage the creation of a new practice by iterating it’s use in different situations to create new neural pathways for success
We bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, understanding and tools to the learning space with you. Wide Awake is the culmination of all that. We are expert in helping you create a new leadership practice.

Our Team

Helen Mundy - Wide Awake Leadership Training

Helen Mundy

‘My passion is enabling those who lead themselves, others, teams, organisations and systems to learn how to wake up to their choices of thinking, feeling and acting as leaders…
Sharon Milroy - Wide Awake Leadership Training

Sharon Milroy

‘I believe being a Wide Awake Leader is an on-going inquiry, where the individual is making conscious their thinking and reflecting on their effectiveness for themselves and with others, so that they continue to develop their resilience, capacity and impact…’

Our Credentials

Our core team’s experience spans coaching over 600 individuals and 30 teams across 60 organisations.

We are qualified coaches, systemic team coaches and coaching supervisors. We are members of the Association for Coaching (AfC) and certified Trainers of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP)

We hold qualifications in a wide range of useful awareness raising tools! Including:

Spiral Dynamics Values Systems I and II
MBTI step I and II
EQi emotional intelligence instrument
Transactional Analysis

A number of the organisations we have worked with: