"I feel uplifted! I have renewed self-esteem and confidence in my own abilities and I am focused in my new role and delivering on KPIs. Overall I have gained a perspective, through expert facilitation and have achieved the maximum possible outcomes from your interventions."
Wide Awake Leadership Training
Wide Awake Services help you develop a leadership practice that:

How do we work with you?

We encourage you to create your leadership practice on a bespoke development path that works for you, in your working context.  The first step is to have a conversation with us about where you want to get to with your practice – what you want to achieve from learning and practicing Wide Awake Leadership, for yourself and the teams and organisations within which you operate.
The next step then is together we will create the development path for that achievement by accessing individual or multiple services that we offer. We will be alongside you on that path – providing personal support to help to keep you on track and to build the Awakeness in a way that will work for you.

 	Aspiring leaders coaching and training

The shift from Auto-Pilot to Awakeness takes iterations of input of new learning, experimentation, real-life application of that learning and review of what has worked well to take on into the next cycle. It also requires your outcomes to be as compelling as possible for to you to create a gravitational pull in your brain to relentlessly focus on their achievement. All our coaching and development programmes encourage this approach. Through this you are developing new ‘leadership habits’. You are developing your Wide Awake Leadership practice.

Staying Awake

Your initial development path will provide you with much of what you need to create and sustain your practice. Some will sustain their new practice by themselves, others will need boosts to their learning and Awakeness to keep them on track and develop their practice further. To that end we provide ‘Staying Awake’ services to take your practice deeper and make it even more sustainable.

Our core services are:

Introduction to Wide Awake Leadership

Aspiring leaders coaching and training
The start to your Wide Awake path

Wide Awake Leadership Coaching 

Leadership Training
Concentrated 1 to 1 support

Wide Awake Leadership Programmes

Wide awake leadership training
Modular workshops providing inspiring input and stimulating experimentation with other leaders 

Wide Awake Teams, Organisations and Systems

 	Team coaching
Modular workshops, team and systems coaching to create high performing collaborations


Leadership coaching and training
Groups of WA leaders meeting to experiment further in Wide Awake Leadership practice and a series of ‘Wider Awake’ modules to deepen your know how 
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