Introduction to Wide Awake Leadership 

Leadership coaching and training

This is the springboard to your Wide Awake journey. The workshop will give you an experience of waking up to your own and others Auto-Pilots and give you the basis of understanding how to use this Awareness to create a practice of Awakeness.
On completing this workshop we will talk to you about the most effective path for your leadership practice outcomes. These may be fulfilled through 1:1 coaching, attending our core programme or picking specific modules to attend.
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Core Programme 

Wide Awake Leadership Core Programme

Our programmes are powerful learning experiences through which to embed a truly Wide Awake leadership practice. The modular approach creates the iterations required to build your learning and practice. Modules can be booked individually or together as part of your path to Wide Awakeness.
The modules explore how you can become awake to yourself and your impact and influence on others,
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Wide Awake Teams, Organisations and Systems Programmes  

Aspiring leaders coaching and training

Leadership coaching and training

Wide awake leadership training

Creating and maintaining high performance in all shapes and sizes of teams is a powerful source of potential and improvement.  To really tap into this potential higher performance takes an understanding of the kinds of Team Auto-Pilot and Systems Auto-Pilot patterns that exist in every group situation we want to influence. These patterns are of course hidden until we awaken to them, just as they are in individual leaders.
Having understood these patterns we then need to work in a Wide Awake way with our teams to purposefully create team and system dynamics that are generative and able to release potential.
Our teams and system programmes are a combination of educational workshops, coaching the team and its dynamics and gaining feedback on team impact and influence.

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