Costa Coffee – Store managers leadership development

Sharon and Helen co-designed a programme for Costa Store Managers across the country to provide basic leadership skills that matched the organisations leadership values.

The programme needed to fit the fast paced retail environment that branch managers inhabit – they may be serving coffee, clearing tables, holding team meetings, reporting to their bosses on performance and developing their staff in one day. They had generally not had much leadership training input.

Having talked to a number of Regional and Store Managers about what training was truly needed/would work, we designed a programme that was launched through large facilitated events and continued through workshops and short bite-sized interventions provided by regional managers to the branch managers. Our delivery role was to train the facilitators and trainers in the interventions and create materials to support them and the branch managers in using the learning.

The feedback from all was very positive – it lead to many examples of higher quality leadership across their leadership aims and the business expansion programme that it was designed to support has been highly successful for the company.

The L&D Manager said:

‘We gave you quite a lose brief upfront and through your highly professional and flexible approach you came up with great end products. Much of this was due to you taking time to understand our business and the people that the programme were targeting, really engaging them in the design. The results were that we were really able to embed our leadership competencies and values into the business, really stretching and challenging our store managers to develop with the business. We’ve created really useful PDPs on the back of this and now have a programme of products and workshops which we are continuing to use. The programme has had a real effect on our employee survey – the comments have truly born this out. I would happily recommend others to use your services.’