Large County Council – Director of Transformation

The Director of Highways was asked to take on a dual role and bring his project and delivery focus to the major transformations required by the County Council. This role brought with it the need to understand and work with the diversity of services and staff within them from Director and Member level down. He and his Director identified coaching as a suitable support to him to ‘step into’ this new role as effectively as his well-known Highways function. 

The outcomes:

‘Executive coaching has helped me to take a moment out of my busy schedule and spend some constructive considering my style and performance and thinking what if anything could I do differently or better.

My coaching sessions have been extremely valuable to me, I have been able to be completely open in honest in the safe environment and as a result have been able to review and understand issues from a different perspective. This has then allowed me to develop a plan for widening my executive management toolkit and be more effective in the future.

I now understand some additional theory concerning work place behaviours and as a result I can better understand my own behaviours and preferences and those of others. This has allowed subsequent development to increase effectiveness and results with all my stakeholders.

I have enjoyed my Executive coaching sessions as they have always been constructive and thought provoking. Being able to sit down away from the office and proactively consider various management issues is a small luxury, but it is one that that has provided me with a significant return on my invested time, and one that I would encourage all senior Executives to afford themselves. It has supported and guided me and enabled me to build on my already successful career. This is an ideal tool for those who wish to continue to learn and develop, and is relevant to today’s modern workplace.

Having a time where you can be completely open and honest and have no fear of being judged or criticised is extremely powerful and invigorating. The sessions are tailored around my needs and deals with me as an individual rather than a faceless manager.
Key words to describe Helen’s coaching of me : Open, honest, frank, balanced, constructive, safe environment, thought provoking, relevant, quality time, reflection ,focused, learning, understanding oneself and others, tangible actions.’