Large County Council Director

Coaching was offered as part of an outplacement offer with redundancy – the Director had a period off with Stress-related illness and wanting to avoid this in future.

The outcomes for the Coaching were:

  • To leave their 12 years in Local Government behind her in a good way
  • To create a clear, paced approach to their new CEO role in a Voluntary Sector organsiation
  • Take time to reflect on their career as a whole for the future
  • Create the right work/life balance from the start of their new role

The outcomes were:

‘I have challenged who I am, how I operate and what impact that has on me as a person’

‘The coaching has helped me to focus on who I am and how I want to feel when I get to the end of my career – thinking about my work, life outside of work and myself as a whole that needs planning, paying attention to and reviewing in equal measure’ 

‘Helen has opened my eyes to the need to re-focus and challenge the way I approach my new role. ‘

‘You have enabled me to see myself in a different light’ 

‘I can now maximise my energy levels and wellbeing whilst delivering realistic goals at work and supporting a happy and thriving family.’ 

‘I now regularly look in the mirror and take a helicopter view to honestly appraise where I am at’

‘Now I am clear about my direction, I need to establish clarity of purpose and identity for my developing organisation and be clear about the objectives and outcomes for our key business areas’