Large NHS Acute Trust East Midlands

Helen was asked to support the new Finance Director of the Trust. This was his first substantive Executive post representing a big jump for him in responsibility and scale. The coaching was set up to support this ‘jump’ and to identify gaps in his leadership style and the impact he wanted to have. This phase took him through being appointed Deputy Chief Executive and then Acting Chief Executive.

He was then appointed as CEO and continued the coaching as a place in which he could develop his internal and external presence as CEO, working with the challenges of being the Accountable officer and developing his Executive team and Board.

The outcomes

‘Through Helen’s coaching, I have developed and applied new approaches to the everyday meetings, interactions and issues that arise at this level as well as for specific challenges that I have faced. I have changed my reactions to issues and been able to apply different styles of thinking and acting to those in my comfort zone.  This has enabled the development of broader thinking as an Executive and Board member to parallel my on-going experiences.’

‘Her work with the Executive Team has moved this to another level – having got ‘the right people on the bus’ I needed to develop the team to work together better. It is now the best Chief Officers Group that I have ever worked in.’

‘The biggest difference to me has been in how Helen has helped me to see situations and people differently, to respond to things in different ways. I understand more the differences in people’s style and thinking and can adapt myself accordingly to get the best from them.’

‘Helen’s ‘steerage’ has provided me with models to help me think flexibly and she challenges me to see situations from different angles.’

‘The coaching has also given me huge secondary gains beyond the coaching contract as such – at home, inside and outside of work I have learnt to listen and plan more which has benefitted me and those around me.’