NHS Institute Fellowship Coaching

‘A key aim of the NHS Institute Fellowship programme was to build future leaders for service improvement in the NHS. In my Fellowship, I was encouraged to undertake some leadership development alongside the technical insights and skills development.

I had six coaching sessions covering such topics as understanding and managing difficult working relationships, remaining at my best in difficult circumstances, understanding organisational context, dissemination of ideas through presenting and writing, actions for change and influence through understanding others ways of learning.

The sessions gave me the opportunity to reflect on where I direct my energies, and how to direct them to more productive activities. I am more inclined to give time and, more importantly, energy to things that yield most for personal, professional and organisational goals.

In presentations, I had very positive feedback on their engaging nature and on the distinct change from my prior approach. I changed the way I prepare my presentations, giving more consideration to a single message and how I put it message over. I am more comfortable with using high risk approaches I know I can inspire people with, telling stories and bringing ideas and insights from other fields. I now give much greater attention to my audience, their needs, capacity and expectations.

I found the coaching an interesting challenge and I got a lot more out of it than I imagined. I’m still using many of the tools and techniques today and the lasting effects have been tangible.’

NHS Institute Fellow / Consultant Specialised Services Public Health England