Creating 'freedom' in your Leadership practice
‘I remember the mixture of pure elation and power when I got into a car for the first time on my own after I passed my test. What my new leadership practice gives me is quite similar in some ways. Freedom to be confident, not reckless -  skilled and responsible and actually imperfect because I am still practising. Now where is that “too difficult box”? Can’t seem to find it anywhere.’

This is quote from a recently 'developed' Wide Awake leader! We are struck by how working with your brain in a Wide Awake way we create a sense of 'freedom' in the brain.  A confidence to be able to deal with situaitons, people, tasks in a different way that sheds the need to be 'right' and develops the capability to be 'skilled' or 'responsible' in our responses. 

At the core this develops a deep resilience from which to operate in a 'free-er' way.  This is because we are creating new links in our brains that mean we don't have to travel the same well-worn paths of our Auto-Pilot if they are not helping us to achieve our outcomes. We are understanding where to 'loose our grip' on the how and focus on the 'What is important here?' 'What are we out to achieve?' 'How will know when we have got it?'

Today - why not start that journey to 'freedom'? Think of a meeting you are soon to attend. What is really important here? What do you want the outcome of the meeting to be?  How will you need to 'be' in order to achieve this outcome?    What flexibility might you need to employ compared to how you might 'normally' think or act?    

What's it like experiencing the meeting having reflected on these quetions? What have you learned?