Refreshing your Leadership Practice - Our Introduction to Wide Awake Leadership

We held our first Introduction to Wide Awake Leadership this last week with some great feedback from the delegates!

'I really like the the Wide Awake concept of Auto-Pilot - useful and thought provoking about how I am thinking and acting now as a leader and how I want to be leading.'

They raised their awareness of their own leadership Auto-Pilot through creating their current 'leadership map' and decided on actions to create new and re-invigorate old leadership practices. They left refreshed and ready to experiment!

A couple of questions for you from the day: 

  •       What leadership practice am I running that is out-of-date?
  •       What have I stopped using in my leadership practice that might be really useful right now?

To explore more come to our next event on 26th November- you can download the brochure here:


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