Helen Mundy - Wide Awake Leadership Coaching

‘My passion is enabling those who lead themselves, others, teams, organisations and systems to learn how to wake up to their choices of thinking, feeling and acting as leaders. How to know their choices well enough that when their basic programming takes them over, they know how to ‘get back to themselves’. That when they have an impact that they don’t want to they can get curious and understand why it’s happened, what part they have played and others programming has played and find new ways forward that take these into account and still deliver excellence.

I have founded Wide Awake Leadership because I want more people in the world who are awake to how their brains work. Engaged in using that ‘awakeness’ to make really good choices for themselves, each other and the wider systems in which they operate. Choices which are humane and deliver a meaningful difference to the particular ‘world’ they have chosen to be in.’

My Background and how it relates to Wide Awake
  • An early passion for biology led to a BSc in Biological Sciences – I find that now renewed through the burgeoning research in Neuroscience and how it informs us about our Auto Pilot, how it is formed and how we can purposefully set out to form a different navigation system for ourselves.
  • A corporate background in IBM gave me a sound grounding in management and leadership approaches which still serve me well today. It also gave me insight into the opportunities and challenges of leading in a multi-national organisation.
  • An SME background in a highly innovative software company, AIT where ‘awakeness’ to how to create excellence for clients and staff were at the core of company values and life – led to experiences about how to ‘cut through’ systemic Autopilots and create a different, creative, humane way to do business.
  • A Masters in Responsible Business Practice – backed up my AIT experience – understanding the complexity of how to influence and do business with integrity.
  • Deep, layered training in the understanding and use of NLP to create awareness and then awakeness to my own leadership and life maps – has given me the foundation for all of my coaching and training work in organisations.
  • Continued CPD across a multitude of models and techniques that all help create awakeness and 14 years’ experience that leads me to be accredited as a Master Executive Coach with the Association for Coaching.
  • Working with my clients has opened my eyes even further to the possibility for all leaders to use the practice of Wide Awake Leadership to improve their own, their teams and their organisations impact in work and in wider life.
Sharon Milroy - Wide Awake Leadership Coaching

‘I believe being a Wide Awake Leader is an on-going inquiry, where the individual is making conscious their thinking and reflecting on their effectiveness for themselves and with others, so that they continue to develop their resilience, capacity and impact.

As a Wide Awake Leadership Coach and Facilitator I passionately believe in having a Wide Awake practice in the way I live and work.  As a client what I offer you is ‘myself as an instrument’, by which I mean, I bring a variety of styles to support and challenge your thinking; experience of many methodologies, concepts and models to inform you; and, encouragement to adapt and develop so that you face what is and isn’t working for you and your organisation by aligning your feelings, thoughts, values and behaviours.’

My background and how it relates to Wide Awake
  • I worked for 27 years in Waitrose and John Lewis as a leadership coach and facilitator, working with regional leaders and branch managers, as well as those on succession and development plans.  I have always seen the link between being Wide Awake and being a successful leader - working with leaders to create a curiosity in their own style and the flexibility they can create.
  • Becoming a Wide Awake Leader myself led me to create my own coaching business to extend the range of people I worked with in a range of contexts – I bring my experience of the public, private and not for profit sectors, large organisations and growing SME’s to Wide Awake.
  • My extensive training in the understanding, use and application of Neuro Lingustic Programming is the basis for my own thinking and awareness and as well as the coaching and development work in organisations. Plus on-going continual professional and personal development to support growing awakeness in myself and with clients.
  • Supporting a family of 2 grown up children, which includes a son with a severe learning difficulty, has also taught me many lessons.  Being a Wide Awake Leader has enabled me to navigate and influence the decisions for his support and life decisions, based on a belief of enabling him to develop independent living skills at his own pace and to remain safe.  I think ‘outside of the box’ to secure inspiring living conditions and learning environments for him at a time of limited public sector budgets. And at the same time remain sane and well!